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Onventis Partner webinar with EFFSO: The Impact of EU CSR Regulations on Procurement

This webinar is your guide to navigating EU CSR regulations and their impact on procurement, whether you’re a procurement professional, sustainability officer, or business leader.

  • Get a clear summary of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and its impact on your business.
  • Learn how to align procurement strategies with the new sustainability and reporting rules.
  • Discover advanced technologies that simplify compliance and draw insights from case studies and examples.

Paul Johan Smit
Sales Executive


Philip Rasch
Business Development Manager


Torbjörn Thorsén


  • We explained how you can get you ahead of the curve by understanding the latest EU CSR regulations and their implications on procurement.
  • Our team showed how to integrate sustainability into your procurement processes effectively, contributing to a better world while adhering to regulatory standards.
  • We answered the question which technological solutions can support your organization in achieving compliance and operational efficiency.

(Re)watch the webinar now and transform how you think about procurement and sustainability!

Additional resources

To get you on top of all CSR regulation, we compiled a number of resources to get you started. Check out our whitepaper on that matter or read our blog to get to know the role of sustainability in procurement and how you can implement it to ensure compliance.

Explore our whitepaper for more insights on the CSR regulations and sustainability’s role in procurement. Learn how you can incorporate it to ensure compliance with the latest trends and directives. You can also read our blog for additional guidance on the subject.

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