RPA: How does Smart Account Assignment with Robotic Process Automation Work?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is the automated processing of structured business processes by digital software robots. In robotic process automation, software robots assume the roles and tasks of users and interact with other software systems.

16. december 2020 | Blogg | Invoice Processing

The correct account assignment of purchase orders and invoices is a very complex, error-prone and time-consuming routine task that is usually left to the finance and controlling departments. The purchase order transactions from Purchasing are therefore usually checked manually by colleagues in Finance and Controlling and assigned to accounts or reassigned. A standardized categorization of procurement transactions via material groups in connection with a G/L account assignment derived from this already takes you a step further here. If the account assignment rules are much more complex and, for example, special rules apply to the account assignment of investments, projects and orders, there was previously no way around manual postprocessing.

Automated Account Assignment with RPA

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have the procurement system perform account assignments as if by magic, even for complex account assignment rules? In other words, if neither requisitioners and buyers nor financial accountants and controllers had to deal with the account assignment of documents?


With smart account assignment determination based on a rules-based RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Onventis Buyer offers an extremely efficient automation option that provides considerable relief from recurring routine tasks in purchasing as well as in finance and controlling. Smart account assignment determination enables fully automated, value-dependent account assignment of shopping cart and purchase order items based on a customer-specific set of rules. The set of rules can consist of a flexible combination of criteria, such as company code, material group and item value in conjunction with account assignment rules for cost elements (G/L accounts), cost centers, cost objects and other account assignment categories (e.g. asset, project, order).

Digital Invoice Processing

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